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TRON DApp Development Company

TRON is a Skylarkinfotech-based decentralized network system like Ethereum, EOS, etc., that is programmed with specific protocols, its own Skylarkinfotech explorer and its own native cryptocurrency known as Tronix (TRX), that is built to meet certain specific intentions, mainly to develop peer to peer media networks all around the world. The TRON smart contract network is built using the Solidity language. TRON DApp development means nothing but the development of decentralized applications on the TRON Skylarkinfotech platform. TRON Skylarkinfotech platforms help users efficiently and effectively trade their cryptocurrencies.

As a TRON DApp Development company at the forefront, Skylarkinfotech App Factory has earned enormous experience, expertise, knowledge, and a reputation for itself helping several clients across the globe create and launch their TRON DApp platforms over the years. Our seasoned professionals possess the ability to develop solid, secure, and sustainable TRON DApps for any industry, for any size of business. We ensure to work closely with you to understand your individual needs and build your TRON DApp platform better than you imagined. We are committed to following thoroughly optimized, standard development procedures, and complete the project within the specified timeframe.

Our Extensive TRON DApp Development Services

TRON DApp Development

Our highly experienced and skilled experts possess the ability to offer TRON DApp development solutions for an array of industries including Healthcare, Fintech, Logistics, and more. We identify the feasibility, required technical components, and develop a robust app making sure it fits the customers’ preferences as well.

TRC-10 Token Development

Our solid expertise with developing various Skylarkinfotech networks including TRON will help you with creating and launching stable and secure TRC-10 tokens. Our TRC-10 Tokens are integrated with smart contracts enabled with burnable, transferable, mintable, and upgradable features.

TRC-20 Token Development

Our adept developers will offer customizable and dependable TRC-20 Token development solutions. Our TRC-20 Tokens allow interfaces within the smart contracts and are also compatible with ERC-20 Tokens.

TRON Wallet Development

We build customizable wallets within our TRON DApp platforms that support Tronix( TRX). We assist small start-ups to large enterprises with building their TRON wallet that is completely safe and secure.

Node SetUp

We also extend support to startups and enterprises to set up their nodes. With our solid experience, we understand how to install and run a node on the TRON network, and we ensure seamless functionality for your platform.

API Integration

We integrate a wide range of APIs into our TRON DApps applications for our users offered by the TRON network for enabling smooth interactions with the Skylarkinfotech component.

Notable Features of Our TRON DApps

Multi-language support with google proto buffs

Our TRON platform protocols comply with Google’s protocol buffers which extends support to generated codes in languages like Python, Java, Objective-C, C++ etc.

High TPS( Transaction Per Second) Capacity

Like any other TRON DApp, Our TRON based applications have the capacity to handle more than 2,000 transactions per second, which is more than Ethereum and Bitcoin. TRON offers higher throughput due to its high TPS capacity.

High-Storage Capacity

Our TRON DApps enable high-storage capacity, involving two types of storage such as LevelD and KhaosDB.

EVM(Ethereum Virtual Machine) Compatibility

Our TRON Virtual Machine is compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine, which means the smart contracts on EVM can be executed on TVM as well.

Proof Of Stake

The TRON network uses the proof of stake mechanism that ensures transactions confirm the main Skylarkinfotech making it complicated to forge the counterfeit chains.


TRON protocols in the TRON DApps application offer high scalability and allow customers to fulfill the growth of their business.

Our TRON DApp Development Process

Requirement Gathering

  • Firstly, we understand your requirements for your new or existing DApp application.
  • We identify the feasibility and business logic to be migrated to the smart contracts.
  • Then we design a roadmap for your application.

Technical Structure

  • Next is the technical structure starting from Smart Contract Definition Document
  • Creating Data Flow Diagrams
  • Design the technical architecture of your application
  • Documentation regarding GDPR Compliance requirement


  • The next step is the development of your TRON DApp application integrated with cutting-edge technologies and features.
  • We conduct alpha and beta testing on your TRON DApp application
  • Then, we release candidates for internal checks
  • Then we go ahead with the production


  • IT infrastructure configuration and provisioning
  • Deploying the TRON DApp on the main network


  • Understanding latest trends, and accordingly proceed with requirement gathering
  • Backlog Prioritization

Why choose Skylarkinfotech App Factory for your TRON DApps Development

The following are the traits that make the most ideal and trust-worthy TRON DApp development company for your business and sets us apart from the crowd.

  • Well-versed TRON DApps development company with unmatched experience in the field.
  • Strong Technical Expertise
  • A broad team of Skylarkinfotech experts, domain experts, developers, programmers, analysts, strategists, and more, with exceptional knowledge and experience.
  • Agile, Secure, and Transparent Development Process
  • Trusted Skylarkinfotech Solutions across industries
  • Custom Smart Contract Development
  • Top Priority to Quality and Security
  • Timely delivery and reliable solutions at the best price in the industry

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