Real Estate Tokenization

Real estate is one of the far-reaching, boundless industries, the concept of tokenization of real estate assets, alongside blockchain technology, is transforming real estate to another level. Blockchain-based tokenization is thriving among potential investors because it helps them with a more efficient business consisting of increased liquidity, globalization, and several other factors.

Tokenization of real estate assets is the process of converting the value of a real estate property into digital tokens that you can sell to investors to raise funds. In simple terms, to ” tokenize” means is to divide the asset into shares, or tokens that represent an individual underlying asset or shares of different underlying assets.

We, at Blockchain App Factory, have an experienced team of developers who will offer tokenization services that include due diligence, auditing, and legal services to reduce illiquidity discounts by at least 25%. Our cutting-edge blockchain tokenization platform removes the hindrance of a long, tedious process and enables a hassle-free business at reduced costs.

Real Estate Tokenization Strategy

Real Estate Tokenization will change the way people invest in properties globally. The potential for strategizing by blockchain developers, legal and financial advisors is enormous. At Blockchain App Factory, we simplify the legal and practical issues with a team of Legal, Financial and Blockchain Consultants who ensure the tokens are legally compliant.

Our developers consistently consult with our subject matter experts on crowdfunding/securities, tax/accounting and real estate during the tokenization of the assets. SMEs guide our team in the development allowing you to raise funds within the regulatory framework.

Real Estate Tokenization Checklist

Smart Contracts
Type of Interest
Legal Entity
Securities Regulations
Corporate Code
Asset Type
Location of the Asset
Ratio of Tokenization
Mortgages on the Asset
Investor Traceability
Automated KYC/AML
Accredited Investor Verification
International Fundraising
Legal & Regulatory Frameworks
Numerous Jurisdictions

Type of Real Estate Tokenization

Commercial Real Estate Tokenization

Ownership of property is tokenized with an audited fractionalization logic in compliance with regulations and standards.

Residential Real Estate Tokenization

Allow investors to own a piece of prime residential properties across the world, thereby, earning dividends and capital gains.

Single Real-Estate Tokenization

Tokenize your single real estate and reduce your liquidity premiums by 20-25% and raise funds for other projects.

Trophy Real-Estate Tokenization

Liquidate your trophy asset by tokenizing the real-estate and raise funds for your projects in a compliant, secured and immutable ledger.

Security Token Offering for Real Estate Asset

An end-to-end asset-backed token for Real Estate Industry. We help the industry in technology, legal and auditing process to raise capital via property-backed tokens. Our tokens are compliant with numerous jurisdictions with the regulations embedded in a smart contract.

At Blockchain App Factory, we provide services which include due diligence, auditing and legal services to reduce illiquidity discount by at least 25%. Based on the technology which disrupted and decentralized industries, Blockchain App Factory builds cutting-edge real estate tokenization platform, thereby, reducing cost and time to raise funds for your projects.

Also, we offer Real-Estate Crowdfunding Tokenization Platform for the industry to tokenize properties, thereby, achieving liquidation and raising funds for future projects.

Benefits of Real Estate Tokenization

High-volume Liquidity

Tokenizing your real estate assets will bring in high-volume liquidity that will help you with efficient buying and selling of properties and also with a quick conversion of property values into cash.

Fractional Ownership

Tokenization allows fractional ownership where you can split the value of shares and also their ownership. This helps reduce your distress of being a sole owner and bear all challenges by yourself.


Tokenization removes geographical barriers, and you can trade with anyone around the globe, which widely expands your business opportunities, spinning profits in huge numbers.

No intermediaries

By tokenizing real estate assets, users are enabled direct peer-peer transactions with no involvement from intermediaries. This helps with a risk-free business, and also reduces extra costs.

Blockchain Immutability

The integration of blockchain into the tokenization platform provides immutability where the transactions, once recorded, cannot be interchanged. Also, blockchain completely protects the user and their asset information.

Instant, Efficient transactions

Tokenization eliminates the long, tedious real estate process and helps with quick, efficient peer-peer transactions, from/to anywhere around the world.

How does Tokenization work?

Imagine you want to tokenize a property of 200,000 sq ft worth $60 million.

Now, if you tokenize the property, you can divide each square feet into shares, i.e., you can divide the property into 2,00,000 shares, each valued $3000 ( each square feet) and can be sold for multiplied profits.

Tokenization also allows the fragmentation of property ownership and expands the opportunity for small-time investors to enter the market. Each square foot of value, $3000, can be owned by various investors.

The scope of Real Estate Investment Tokens

The biggest asset we have for you is the legally compliant token structure which can be built on numerous blockchain. Our team of 200+ members are highly driven to help you raise funds within the legal framework.

  • Ethereum, Hyperledger or Stellar Token Structure
  • Blockchain & Smart Contract Development Experts
  • Understand the requirements of the Market
  • End to End Securitized Real Estate Token Solution
  • Experienced Team of Technology, Legal & Financial Advisors
The scope of Real Estate Investment Tokens

Real Estate Tokenization Platform

A customized all-inclusive property backed token issuance platform in the real-estate industry. Through the platform, issuers can tokenize their real-estate; commercial or residential. As an issuance company, become a “Tokenization as a Service” provider and the tokens can be either be on Ethereum, Hyperledger or Stellar.

  • Automated Compliance
  • Globalized KYC/AML
  • Multi-Ledger Asset Token Development
  • Automated Legal and Regulations
  • Non-Fungible Tokens
  • Automated Reporting to Authorities
Real Estate Tokenization Platform


To tokenize real estate means to convert the asset values into digital tokens i.e., divide it into shares that you can sell to investors. Each token will represent a share of an underlying asset. To tokenize your asset in the most secure way, hire professional developers from a real estate tokenization company, and attain cost-effective solutions.
Tokenization is the process of converting real estate property value into digital tokens. By tokenizing your asset, you can divide the property value into multiple shares and also divide the ownership for each share. Tokenization helps with a more secure, efficient, globalized real estate business.
Real estate tokenization, along with blockchain technology, helps record each and every transaction that is happening on the platform and completely safeguard the user’s interest. Blockchain also provides immutability, user anonymity, transparency, and many other benefits that help with a risk-free business.
The cost of tokenizing your real estate wholly depends on the features, integrations, and how you choose to customize your tokens. However, to save ample time and cost, the best option is to hire an existing real estate tokenization company and attain ready-made solutions from them.
Real Estate Tokenization is disrupting a greater part of the real estate industry, and many people have started tokenizing their properties because of the many benefits involved with it, like increased liquidity, fractional ownership, etc. Tokenization removes barriers existing in the traditional real estate business, and if you want to be a part of the transformation, tokenization is very important.
The best real estate tokenization developers have to be Blockchain App Factory. This is because the developers are early adopters of real estate tokenization services, and the experience is unmatched. Hence, you are guaranteed reliable solutions with personalized customization at cost-effective prices.
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