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At Blockchain App Factory, we provide top of the line Cryptocurrency MLM software development with tried and tested record that places us as the best in the field of Multi-Level Marketing. With our Cryptocurrency MLM software, you can market your coin with members associated with your marketing and the payments will be paid and received in Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin Currency. A certain sponsor can bring in many referrals as they can and this process goes up all the way to the starting point.

White label Cryptocurrency MLM Software Development solutions

With Multi-level marketing being increasingly adopted on digital platforms, we render white label blockchain supported MLM software development solutions for businesses aiming to launch Ethereum and TRON MLM software.

We ensure 100% decentralization, complete transparency, high efficiency and supreme security in our platform. With an immutable smart contract at your disposal, it assures tamper-proof calculation of funds earned by the users and processes transactions automatically with low latency sans human involvement.

Our Blockchain Based MLM Software EcoSystem

We have three main components to offer to our users.

Multi-currency wallet

It helps in seamless transfer of cryptos and sends referral invites. An integrated chat facility can be utilized for sending and receiving crypto assets easily. The array of features includes institutional-grade security, complete control of private keys in the hands of the users, instant processing of transactions and smooth sharing of the referral link.

API’s provided to external exchanges

We have established a secure API with some of the leading exchanges in the market such as Binance and Huobi. Users can smoothly buy and sell their cryptocurrency and participate in the MLM process without leaving the platform. We have connections with a global pool of liquidity providers. We ensure the instant execution of transactions supported by multi-layer security measures.

A strategic investment module

We amplify your earning potential with an intuitive investment module that permits users to easily participate in the MLM process and experience quick growth of their funds. It is completely autonomous and the transactions are supported by robust smart contracts. A transparent process is ensured.

Types of MLM Software

Level Plan MLM Software

This plan helps with a smooth-running distribution cycle. It brings in many benefits such as more transparency to the users and driving better positive results for the business. It also offers improved security and ensures a seamless user experience.

Binary Plan MLM Software

The binary plan helps customers with flexibility, as customers can structure and customize the plan according to their preferences for better results. This is also useful for the efficient management of the software.

Matrix Plan MLM software

The matrix plan is advantageous as it helps users use various formulas to work on every single level and improve its performance and efficiency. The users can also manage and set the number of distributors to a certain limit with this plan.

Board Plan MLM software

This plan involves all the board members. The advanced features of this plan helps manage and improve management of multiple operations at a time. This plan is also called a Revolving Matrix Plan or Matrix Cycle Plan.

Gift or Helping Crowdfunding Plan

This plan is a huge help to customers for crowdfunding the business. With the MLM software and its inbuilt features in this plan, customers can find various ways to crowdfund the business and attain maximum benefits.

Generation Plan MLM Software

This plan helps with the expansion of many elements such as the network, transparency to the users, better and improved options for the users, etc. The software gets more systematic and improves profit-sharing options also with this plan.

Repurchase Plan MLM Software

The repurchase plan helps customers with a simpler and convenient buying/selling and promotion of products and brings in a better connection between the distributors. When the features of this plan are integrated, it helps with managing the business in a better way.

Unilevel Plan MLM Software

The name itself implies this plan works on multiple levels. This plan makes sure to bring in maximum exposure to the brand and ensures maximum participation of every member involved. It improves the capacity of the software and with better functionality.

Australian Plan MLM Software

The Australian Plan, once integrated into the software brings in more productivity and helps increase sales. It helps customers gain better control over the sales and handle commissions of the business. This is based on the prevalence of the binary plan in Australia.

Tron MLM Development Services

The TRON platform is becoming a hub for developing various Dapps, DeFi projects, and smart contracts. It eliminates the need for any middlemen and all the transactions are processed by TRON automatically through its well-defined protocols.

Lots of industries such as gaming, education, trading, real estate, healthcare, and finance use TRON smart contracts.

Its transaction speed is higher than Bitcoin and Ethereum networks and the fees are also comparatively low.

The benefits of using TRON MLM software are zero risks, immutable transactions, a high level of transparency, instant P2P settlements, and a guaranteed passive income.

Choose our services for our professional developers and customized solutions for getting the best results for your enterprise.

Features Included

Cryptocurrency MLM software development has its own set of features that will make the Software work without hassles.

Multiple Payment Integration

The Cryptocurrency MLM software supports integrated wallet for managing your revenue and funds like payment request wallet, working wallet, etc. It can also support a range of coins on your wallet.


Our Cryptocurrency MLM software has the best of security practices like SSL, Dedicated Technical Team, Dedicated Functional Support, Auto payout, higher level encryption, etc.

Member Management

With our Cryptocurrency MLM software you can keep track of all the members or agents that has been referred by you and provide a safe distributor joining.

Automated Marketing Process

The whole process of reaching out to customers with marketing assistance like SMS notifications and such can be automated to reach customers with the specified time frame.

Formidable Admin Dashboard

The administrator has the full control of the software along with its members and all the revenue generated by the marketing done to customers.

Pros of Bitcoin MLM Software

The main usage of Cryptocurrency in MLM is the security and the transparency of transactions being done.

The pros of using a Cryptocurrency MLM software are listed below,

Low Fees

Cryptocurrency MLM eliminates the existence of a middleman as opposed to traditional MLM and require a small percent of fees to pay for the profit margin sales.

Faster Transactions

As Cryptocurrency MLM only handles Bitcoins for any type of payment, it is faster than the traditional payment.

Eliminate risk of fraud

The Cryptocurrency MLM software completely eliminates the middleman so any chances of fraud risk is removed and the transparency ensures smooth business transactions.

Track Revenue

The Blockchain network tracks each and every log of the transaction being made.

Secure Data

Cryptocurrency has the reputation of securing data in the blockchain network it is in. So all the transactions being made are secured with the highest level security.


Ethereum is one of the most preferred blockchain networks for establishing smart contracts. Our white label solution supported by the Ethereum smart contract offers a plethora of benefits in the form of immutable business logic, high reliability, faster processing of transactions without any human intervention, and automatic calculation of funds for faster transfers to the user’s wallets.
Our high-quality white label MLM script can be readily launched in the market and can also be customized according to your business requirements. Faster deployment and cost-efficiency are the two primary reasons why businesses prefer white label solutions for executing their operations.
We will assist you to launch your white label smart contract based MLM platform in just 1 week.
With immense technical expertise in blockchain technology, we have seasoned specialists and subject matter experts who provide customized solutions in line with your business requirements to ensure the desired outcomes.
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